Reaching the Summit 

Sometimes reaching your summit seems an impossible climb, stretching you to your limits and beyond. And maybe you've hit that impassable cliff in your writing, grinding to a halt too far shy of your peak. We want to help! 
Our summits make your summits doable.

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Amazing Views

We visit high places because we love the views. It shakes us out of our everyday doldrums and makes us consider life differently. In our summits, you'll be treated to a variety of views from other writers and industry experts. Be open to the new and different and you'll be amazed what you can learn. Let the shaking begin!

Lofty Atmospheres

Do you consider successful writers to be among the elite who breath air so rarified you couldn't imagine joining them? Well, think again. There are many, many ways to reach the same destination and sometimes we have to forge our own path to the top. Our summits will teach you that there is plenty of room for you, too. We'll lead the way!

Out of the Fog Into Action

It's all well and good to hear different views and finally gather the courage to start. But if you don't put legs to those goals, your dreams will simply fade into the mist, disappearing from sight. At the conclusion of each summit, we provide next-step guides to cut through the fog of indecision and launch you into the action of "now."

Meet a Few Experts From Our Last Summit

Each summit has its own flavor and focus. Our last summit, Conquering the Writing Blues: Top 20 Tips for Powering Through Resistance Into Completion, focused on providing tips from best-selling authors on how to stay motivated and encouraged in your writing along with industry insights from editors, writing coaches and publishing professionals. Take a peek below to see a few examples of our 22-speaker lineup. They were amazing! Membership provides you will unlimited access to current and prior summit recordings. Our next summit is in the planning stages now!

Robert Dugoni

Bestselling Author
Tracy Crosswhite Series

Rachel Aaron

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Author
Heartstrikers Series

Craig Allen Johnson

Bestselling Author
Walt Longmire Series

Cherise Wolas

Critically Acclaimed Author
The Resurrection of Joan Ashby

Michele Pariza-Wacek

Best Selling Author
Secrets of Redemption Series

Crystal Watanabe

Pikko’s House
Editing services

Terry Whalin

Author of 60+ Books
Acquisitions Editor

Roy Peter Clark

Author, Teacher, Writing Coach
Writing Tools

Liam Carnahan

Content Strategist & Editor
Invisible Ink Editing, Australia

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